Renewal: Leading Direct Selling Turnarounds by Brett Blake


Renewal: Leading Direct Selling Turnarounds by Brett Blake was written to help executives and field leaders focus on the essential things that will help stop a decline and renew growth in their direct selling company. This book introduces CHISEL which is an inventory of the variables executives should include in their turnaround plan. Readers will find within the pages of this book the tools that will help them lead their company during a downturn in sales and will help them find the way back to renewed growth.

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Rigor and Brevity
5 Stars

Brett combines two virtues that don't often mix: rigor and brevity. Winning strategy comes from deeply substantive hard thinking, and Brett tells how it's done with the right examples. Don't wait until your business requires Renewal; apply the lessons immediately!

A Well Designed Plan for Renewal
5 Stars

This is the book that every direct selling industry and profession has been waiting for. Each chapter is filled with wisdom, research, and industry examples to help corporate and field leaders gain clarity by focusing on what matters most. Renewal - Leading Direct Selling Turnarounds, offers a plan to spark growth whether you need it now, or want a solid plan for the future. Start here, start now!